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Kennedy Ring Slogging Spanners
  • Kennedy Ring Slogging Spanners

Kennedy Metric Ring Slogging Spanners

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Metric Ring Slogging Spanners, Chrome Satin Hardened Steel

Manufactured from forged and hardened steel with machined drive faces to ensure good contact with the fastener. With flat striking faces to allow hammer blows to be used to loosen or tighten stubborn fasteners. Manufactured to DIN 7444.

Order Code Size(mm) Weight
KEN5807010K 24 0.04kg
KEN5807020K 27 0.04kg
KEN5807030K 30 0.05kg
KEN5807040K 32 0.05kg
KEN5807050K 36 0.05kg
KEN5807060K 41 0.08kg
KEN5807070K 46 1.00kg
KEN5807080K 50 1.10kg
KEN5807090K 55 1.50kg
KEN5807100K 60 1.80kg
KEN5807110K 65 2.20kg
KEN5807120K 70 3.30kg
KEN5807130K 75 3.30kg
KEN5807140K 80 4.00kg
KEN5807150K 85 4.00kg
KEN5807160K 90 5.50kg
KEN5807170K 95 5.50kg
KEN5807180K 100 6.50kg
KEN5807190K 105 6.50kg
KEN5807200K 110 8.00kg
KEN5807210K 115 8.00kg
KEN5807220K 120 10.0kg
KEN5807230K 125 10.0kg
KEN5807240K 130 13.2kg
KEN5807250K 135 13.2kg
KEN5807260K 140 18.5kg
KEN5807270K 145 18.8kg
KEN5807280K 150 18.5kg